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Conservation of our environment, indigenous skills and resources calls for concerted effort by all stakeholders of our community.

This project document is expected to highlight people on unique secrets that can assist us facilitate holistic and sustainable approach to environmental development more especially in a rural set up. It is my belief that once the approach is adopted, there shall be a change of attitude towards environment and socio-economic developments through appropriate resource mobilization strategies, household approach and inter generations skill exchange at village based integrated resource Centre.

The project in partnership with other likeminded agencies work closely with Vulnerable communities who are real victims of environment and other related challenges

The Director and management of the project humbly welcome all interested parties to the field of action for our environmental transformation, rehabilitation of indigenous skills and resources, innovative food security measures for improved living standard.


The photograph below was taken from a community environment where the project is located.


This is my birth place and the scene depicts the reality of a deteriorating environment that I have shared with my fellow community members. Having experienced a lot of things since my childhood through all levels of education, I can exactly narrate the changes in the community in terms of events, activities, lifestyles and technologies and at last realized the community members need to reconsider their systems of life or else we may face dreadful consequences of nature.

On this basis, supported by exposure trips within and outside the National boarders ending at Kapelle -accompanied by my wife, we resolved as a couple to commit our meager resources to establish an integrated environment resource center. This has been propelled by the good will from some stakeholders and friends. It marked the beginning of a household initiative with the Motto “Household powers sustainable Development

The facility aims at demonstrating low cost integrated development technologies that can help us improve our living standards, keep alive useful community skills and above all, conserve our environment. It is our hope therefore that with further support from other likeminded stakeholders, we shall through this simple strategy realize sustainable community development dreams that have for long been sought but in vain.